Choosing the Right Electrolux Oven

Roasting, baking or oven-ready meals, whatever you use your oven for, getting the right one is important. Electrolux have a range of conventional, fan and steam ovens that can handle the basics right through to pretty much doing it all for you at the touch of a button. Take a look at our tips for choosing the perfect Electrolux oven for you.

At the Push of a Button

Not everyone's a culinary genius, far from it in fact. That's why Electrolux ovens are well equipped to give you a little helping hand and make sure you know your roast from your toast. Pre-programmed recipes, electronic timers and food probes are all available on some units. And with functions like Fast Heat Up, Auto Shut Off and Defrost, you'll have all the tools you need to shine in the kitchen.

Hot Looks

They say that the design is in the detail. And of course, at Electrolux, we tend to agree. Which is why Electrolux ovens are designed right down to the smallest detail. We also offer a whole bunch of cool features like Anti Finger-Print finishes, touch sensitive controls and a range of colours. So whatever personality your kitchen has, Electrolux ovens will fit in perfectly.

Squeaky Clean

Without doubt, cleaning the oven has to be the dirtiest, most unpleasant job in the kitchen. Well we think so anyway. Which is why we've put a lot of thought into our self-cleaning ovens. Electrolux have both Catalytic Cleaning Ovens, that use a special enamel on the oven liner to eliminate small splatters, and Pyrolytic Cleaning Ovens, that use high temperatures to reduce the grime to ash. Which means you can do away with the elbow grease, when your getting rid of the oven grease - brilliant!

Amateur Cook or Master Chef?

Are you always knocking up Michelin-starred cuisine or do you regularly burn water? Electrolux have ovens that will give you full control to express your culinary prowess to ones that help you set the right temperature and time. We also have big double ovens that will work hard to feed the biggest family, right down to compact ovens - for those who prefer to eat out.

Control Vs Ease-of-Use

It's an argument which has been going on for many years. Which is better, gas or electric? Both have their advantages, but in the main it comes down to personal preference. With Electrolux gas ovens you have more control over your cooking and your oven will heat up much more quickly. Our electric ovens on the other hand are easier to fit, easier to clean and are more versatile in terms of where you can put them in your kitchen.

Choose your Weapon

Are you a fan of fans, keen on steam or do you just like to keep it conventional? Fan-assisted and conventional ovens are the usual choices for most of us, but if you want to take your cooking to the next level, steam is where it's at. Steam Ovens have been around for quite a while in commercial kitchens, but Electrolux were the first to bring them to your home. And the advantages? Well, Electrolux steam ovens cook faster, retain more nutrients & moisture in the food and preserves the food's taste. What's not to like?

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