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The choice of top restaurants

Electrolux is the choice of top restaurants worldwide

Take a gastronomic tour around the world and you will often find Electrolux in the best professional kitchens. In fact, nearly half of the Michelin-starred chefs in Europe use Electrolux products in their restaurants. You’ll find us in the kitchens of Eataly in New York, the Budda Bar in Senegal, the Metropole Hotel in Venice and even Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi. 

In the mountains of Northern Sweden, the Faviken Magasinet - the famous restaurant of chef Magnus Nilsson - transforms local produce from the forest, mountain and sea into unforgettable culinary adventures that people travel long distances to experience. Chef Nilsson chose Electrolux for high quality and reliability, praising energy-efficient refrigeration and the Thermaline stove they use to create exceptional cuisine night after night. 

In the vast, fast-paced kitchen of the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, renowned chef Richmond Lim and his team of 50 chefs rely on Electrolux to serve carefully planned and timed banquets to thousands of guest. The chefs use our air-o-steam oven, which synchronises the temperature of different dishes to get the taste and texture of each just right.

Electrolux is the only brand making kitchen appliances for both professionals and consumers. We’ve been building appliances for almost 100 years and understand the exacting standards and the need for consistently great results in both top restaurants and your home. The dishes served and the effort required may be different but the passion for great quality results is the same.

We celebrate this professional expertise at unique events like The Cube and Chef's Table, where Michelin-starred chefs who use Electrolux in their restaurant kitchens every day cook for you - an opportunity to have a unique Electrolux dining experience.

Electrolux has now built on this experience, taken our professional expertise and adapted it for you. The stylish appliances in our latest kitchen range include steam ovens, hobs, cooker hoods and fridge-freezers. Distinctive, modern and premium, the new Electrolux Inspiration Range enables you to get great results every time, without all the effort.

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