Small appliances

Every chef needs a side-kick

The Assistent was developed based on our professional kitchen experiences to handle any task. But you can think of it as your very own kitchen side-kick!

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Remember how you felt when you finally found a café that served espresso and cappuccino just the way you like it? Have you struggled to reproduce that great flavour, aroma and crema at home? Struggle no more. A MODO MIO FAVOLA, our new capsule espresso machine delivers the “autentico espresso Italiano” directly to your home at the touch of a button.

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Surprise your friends, and your senses. Find new ways to cook, and present your food.  

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Making a statement

Stainless steel gives every kitchen an elegant, professional look and makes a strong statement about quality and durability, whether the appliance is large or small.

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Built-in and freestanding appliances

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