Refreshing steam
and gentle care

Developed for professional  laundries, now adapted for you.

Professional expertise

Electrolux laundry systems are the choice of professional laundries all over the world. Our appliances have been tried, tested and fine-tuned in the most demanding situations, by the most demanding users. Over 90 years of professional expertise have gone into the new Electrolux Inspiration Range.

The new SteamSystem Washer and EcoCare Dryer take these innovations and adapt them for your home to give you beautifully clean laundry, every time, while saving you time and money. Now you’ll be able to get your most delicate fabrics, such as lace, silk, embroidered linen, wool and cashmere, perfectly clean and steam creases away.

Freshly steamed


Professional laundries regularly use steam to refresh and de-wrinkle clothes. Our new washing machine has a SteamSystem to instantly refresh your clothes - removing everyday odours and reviving tired-looking clothes, so they look and feel as good as new. Smoothing out the creases means your clothes require little or no ironing and fewer trips to the dry cleaners.

Woolmark Gold


Tested and endorsed with the Woolmark Gold Certificate, our SteamSystem Washer and EcoCare Dryer are designed to preserve the most delicate fabrics and garments including wool, silk and lingerie - even hand-washing is treated gently, with no shrinking. Ours is the only steam washing machine with a gold certification.



Equipped with intelligent sensors* the washer and dryer can adjust the time and energy to suit the load. The SteamSystem Washer can even recommend the amount of laundry detergent needed. And with EcoInfoTM it can give you feedback on energy consumption for each programme, showing how economical the choice is on a scale of 1 to 6.

* Not available on all SteamSystem washing machines.

Modern design


Like all appliances in the new Electrolux Inspiration Range, our SteamSystem Washer and EcoCare Dryer have a sleek, modern style and simple to use LCD control panels that let you manage programmes at a touch. They will fit beautifully into any home and have aligned designed feature so they fit beautifully together - stacked or side by side.

Gentle, eco-friendly drying

With the best condensation efficiency on the market and Woolmark Gold Certification the EcoCare Dryer can be trusted with the most delicate of fabrics.

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Gentle, refreshing steam

The only steam washing machine awarded Woolmark Gold Certification - you can trust the SteamSystem Washer to gently clean your favourite garments.

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